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1. History of Jade
Jade – a gemstone of unique symbolic energy, and unique in the myths that surround it. With its beauty and wide-ranging expressiveness, jade has held a special attraction for mankind for thousands of years. More details...

2. How Jade Differs?
Genuine jade or “Yu”, as it is called in China, is strictly speaking a generic term for two different gems: jadeite or nephrite. More details...

3. How to Make Jade Jewelry?
There are five steps to take jade from a raw stone and turn it into a finished product: Stone Cutting; Stone drawing; Jade Cutting, Rinsing, Rough Sanding and Smooth Sanding; Further Polishing and Wax Polishing. More details...

4. How to Identify Jade Quality?
In general, the value of jade is determined by five standards: Color, Tone, Translucency, Texture and Cutting. More details...

5. How to Care For Jade Jewelry?
Having purchased a jade article is just half the process of collecting. Jade is like a child that needs constant care. Enthusiasts need to work more to maintain this artwork, or blemishes may appear. More details...

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