Chinese Character: Cai (wealth)

Cai: Wealth Cai: Wealth Cai: Wealth Cai: Wealth

Cai is the Chinese symbol meaning money, wealth, riches, property, valuables. It stands for fortune money and commodities. Among the common people, it could also mean a thriving business, successful official career, a prosperous enterprise or a grand harvest. Chinese often say money can make a ghost turn a millstone. It is to say money really can do a lot of things.

The passion for fortune has cultivated many religious ceremonies and figures for people to worship. Marshal Zhao Gong, Fortune God of Five Roads, Fortune God of Scholars, Fortune God of Warriors, and the Fairy Liu Hai are all Gods of Cai worshiped by people from different walks of life. Every Spring Festival Eve, people will light up fireworks to “send poverty away,” on the first day of a Chinese New Year. Opening doors means to "welcome fortunes in” and the fifth day will be a good day to open a new business.

People in ancient times regarded greed as a sign of disloyalty. “Losing fortune” can dispel “misfortune” and “gain virtue.” It seems a way of self-control, but does not hinder ordinary people’s pursuit of wealth. Images of cai include various Gods of Cai, Shaking-Money-Tree, Gathering-Wealth-Pot, Fairy Liu Hai, Golden Frog, Golden Fish, Carp, Peony.

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