Chinese Character: Ji (auspiciousness)

Ji: Auspiciousness Ji: Auspiciousness Ji: Auspiciousness Ji: Auspiciousness

Ji or auspiciousness is not a unique idea in the Chinese culture, but the long history and variety of Chinese culture provides ji with rich content and forms. Ji is often seen to be together with xiang, which also means propitiousness.

The word ji is derived from the philosopher Zhuang Zi of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), "Jixiang comes from an empty and calm spirit." Later generations gave detailed explanations, "Ji means good deeds; xiang is an indication of happiness." Through the ages, the connotations of a propitious culture have developed with the extension of history. Its social function implies happiness, praying, moral principles, driving out evil spirits and destroying calamities.

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Aiming to construct an auspicious circumstance and express a beautiful dream and wish, folk art is the best transmitter of China’s propitious culture. The images associated with luck are called "Jixiang patterns" and are found everywhere in life and work. They are classified into images of good fortune, realization of luck and lucky symbols, according to the features of images. The themes implying jixiang are uncountable and cover all the fields of life.

The happy and auspicious jixiang theme usually comes by ways of quotation, metaphor, analogy, and euphony. Peaches in quotes stand for “longevity,” the peony as “riches and honor,” pomegranates as “many sons”; metaphors such as sheep connote “filial respect” and eight immortals as “congratulating an elderly person’s birthday”; analogies involve plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo and the chrysanthemum as “a man of virtue,” and the lotus as “having good conduct”; euphonies such as: bat as fu (happiness), deer as lu (fame and social status), rooster as Ji (luckiness).

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