Chinese Character: Lu (Prosperity)

Lu: Prosperity Lu: Prosperity Lu: Prosperity

“Lu” is the Chinese character symbol which has the connotation of pursuing fame and social status. Lu originally meant an official's salary, symbolizing “success in government”, where the highest post in life was considered an appointment as a government official.

In ancient China, a position in the royal palace would directly affect one's income and social status. People with higher royal positions earned higher salary, hence leading to the saying "High office and high lu (pay)."

Learned men would study for ten years just to qualify for the post — the honor and sense of fulfillment that followed was considered the ultimate success. Confucius said: "Study hard, lu will be seen." This idea enlightened intellectuals for generations.

Although the literal translation of lu is “government official”, over the years it has come to represent satisfaction and happiness through achievement. Lu will bring “ultimate success and fulfillment”.

Lu is also the God of high rank affluence, one of the three "gods" — legendary gods of blessings, prosperity, and longevity — that have been popular among Chinese people for centuries.

The God of Lu is often seen holding a baby boy — symbolizing wishes of healthy offspring's, good fortune and hope of the future and the present. He is also seen at times holding a scepter of power and affluence. Lu symbolizes the opportunity to better ones self and receive high rewards.

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