Crystal & Aura

The Aura is a colorful field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds your body. It is no longer a question of whether we have an aura, since science has now proven its existence. There are many ways for to “see” your aura through our Living Aura Imaging technology.

What is Living Aura Imaging?
Living Aura Imaging is an interactive multimedia biofeedback system that uses cutting edge technology which allows you to view your aura in interactive real time on the computer monitor. This system is ideal for showing changes in your auric field as it responds to your thoughts, feelings, healing modalities, health products and other stimuli. Many people do follow up sessions to see how they are progressing.

How Does Living Aura Imaging Work?
Biofeedback probes on the handplate pick up your body’s energy from your hand and communicate that information back to the computer. The monitor then displays this information as a colorful energy field which represents your actual aura. Knowing more about your auric colors helps you to relate better to others and capitalize on your strengths.

What Does the Color of Your Auro Mean To You?


Relates to having opportunities for better communication with your inner self, inspirational, kindness. A person with this color can be trusting of the future and inspirational to others.

Violet is the magical, mystical color. Great opportunities for spiritual searching and ultimately deeper connection with Spirit. Abilities of charm, eroticism and enchantment are enhanced.

White in our aura gives us the ability to see things in a holistic way. A time of great spiritual motivation and faith.

Unsettling, distracting, materialistic, negating spirituality.

Dark, depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, presence of dark side of personality.

Red relates to the base chakra. This is the color of the physical. Red is passion, vitality, enthusiasm, sex, strength of will and beginnings. Without red, nothing would get started.

Orange is the color of ambition and drive, selfexpression, original and lateral thought. Artistic and creative skills can be finely tuned by wearing.

Every shade of yellow indicates a function of our intellect, talent for organization, discipline, personality and ego.

Green is the balance of ying and yang; healing, nurturing, compassion, love, growth, prosperity, and change.

Blue is the color of truth, loyalty, calmness, peace, sensitivity, commitment and love in friendship. Listening and communication are enhanced.

Here’s our friend Guy in Aura Imaging Studio Before and After he holds one of our Crystal Diamonds:
The Size & Shape of Your Aura
The size and shape of your aura indicates the energy surrounding you. An aura that is close to the head indicates shyness or introversion. An aura that extends upward and outward indicates powerful energy, activity and extroversion. An aura that is even on all sides is a person who is well balanced and/or consistent. An aura that has gaps or holes in it usually symbolizes a loss or a will to let go of something significant. A band of different color on the edge of the aura signifies the person’s strongest desires, goals or tendencies at that time.

Color Location Around Your Head & Its Meaning
Right Side (Masculine Energy) is the color energy you are expressing to others each and every day. It represents your recent past or the energy that is leaving you.

Center (and Above) is the color energy that best shows you what you are experiencing right now in yourself and your life.

Left Side (Feminine Energy) is the color energy that shows you what you are attracting in the near future into your life. The time period could be from a few hours to a few months.

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