How to Care For Jade Jewelry?

Having purchased a jade article is just half the process of collecting. Jade is like a child that needs constant care. Enthusiasts need to work more to maintain this artwork, or blemishes may appear.

First, it is essential to keep jade jewelry away from pointed objects as pointed edges can harm jade jewelry and cause change in shape or disfiguration. Avoid bumping on hard surfaces as jade is delicate. Although sometimes a crack cannot be seen by the naked eye, the interior structure may have been damaged. As time goes on, it will appear and reduce the value of the piece.

Second, protect jade articles from dust or greasy dirt. The best care one can provide jade jewelry is wear it often and wash its gem periodically with a soap based mild cleaner that is free from any harsh chemicals. If tainted, they must be scrubbed with a soft brush and light suds and washed with clean water.

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Third, when left unused it is best to store the jade in a case or box to protect it from being bumped. In case of bracelets, it is important to keep spacers to keep its shape intact.

Fourth, jade should be kept away from perfume, perspiration or chemicals. The brightness of jade risks corrosion, especially emerald and other high quality jade, so it is better to clean it with a soft cloth after wearing it.

Fifth, do not expose jade to direct sunlight for a long time, or it may expand and the quality will change slightly.

Finally, jade has certain water content so keep it in an area of humidity to protect it from over-drying. Fine Diamond Jewelry Special Coupon Code ANJOLEE2

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